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Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
Anne of Green Gables - LM Montgomery
The Green Hornet (TV)

Dear Yuletide Writer:

I'm really easy to please - write the characters you signed up for and you're golden. I've been doing yuletide since 2008, and I genuinely love every story I've received so far. Specific things I enjoy, including but but not limited to: I love women, I love tropes, I love gen and kissing, adventure, genre fiction, character studies, longfic, shortfic, medium fic (although my sweet spot is ~1k-15k, if a novel happens when you sit down to write 1k and 45k later you still aren't done it will also bring me joy!), I love canon divergence AUs, fix-it fic, falling-in-love, friendship, science fiction, people being happy, holiday stories, family stories, and I have been known to enjoy an apocalypse or two (so long as there's SOME hope there), stories about survival, making do, leaning on people, found family, teams, and finding/doing/being good in shitty situations.

Do not wants:
* Porn, kinkfic, non-canonical background pairings, non-canonical identities, issuefic
* grimdark/tortureporn, sexual violence
* first-person-present-tense (it's the literary equivalent of a never-ending annoying car alarm or fingernails on a chalkboard to me)

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

Where to get it: Amazon - Volume 1 | Volume 2, Hulu

Why I love it: This is a show that while, ostensibly for six-year-olds, was written by a bunch of science fiction/fantasy/horror novelists who didn't know how to write for six-year-olds, with no toy deal to constrain the storytelling. So what you get are stories with depth, breadth, and character suitable for adults, in a package that kids can and do enjoy, as well as really good science fiction. The team dynamic is one of my favorite team dynamics ever.

Characters: Zachary Foxx, Walter Hartford, Niko, Shane Gooseman
Character selections: Any

Optional Details: There is pretty much no wrong that can be done with this fandom, especially if you go heavy on plot and/or character. Ideas! How might the team have changed if they retrieved Eliza's crystal at any point during the show? How does Zach adjust to having an entirely new work-life situation than the one he planned for? How does the team get through the initial getting-to-know-you stage? Doc (That is, Walter) never gets a canonical origin story, while the other three Rangers do. What does his origin look like? How'd he get into computer psychology? How does he handle the transition from private sector AI therapist to being, basically, a US Marshal In Space? And then we have Niko, who ended up being an archaeologist of all things, which is just too oddly specific to not have context. How'd she stumble into that? How'd she stumble into that and also end up on a path to the Series 5 team? And then there's Goose, who while being pretty archetypal is also really complicated in his relationships with the other Supertroopers and with Beta. What happens when he rounds up all the rogue STs except Darkstar and Ray -- he let them go, but somehow I don't think that Wiener and his people will take too kindly to that. Does he ever find out that Walsh is his "dad"? How does that go down?

And of course there are planets-of-the-week and recurring villains (Slade, Scarecrow, and the Queen are my favorites ... when they're competent sufficiently threatening for the amount of worry they're causing Our Heroes), and ... really when it comes down to it if you want to fold any non-nominated characters into your story I love basically everyone. (With the caveat that the fairly hamfisted Native American analogue episodes are not my favorites.)

I love the team and their collective dynamic with Walsh, as well as Zach and his relationship with his family, if you want to go more in that direction. I ship toward canon -- Zach/Eliza is my OTP of OTPs, & I like Goose/Niko a lot. Maya of Tarkon wasn't nominated, but I do enjoy me her episodes and Doc's dynamic with her.

Anne of Green Gables
Where to get it: Project Gutenberg, your local library

Why I love it: THESE BOOKS. I started reading Anne of Avonlea at 11, and that was a terrible idea, and I picked them up again as an adult and I adore the characters, their complex relationships, the presentation of small-town-life and the Canadianness of the series. They're like a bottomless mug of hot cocoa, so comforting and yet you lift your head to check the time and it's 3:30 in the morning on a Wednesday and WHOOPS, YOU READ TOO MUCH BOOK.

Characters: Anne Shirley
Character selections = just the one is fine

Optional Details: Full disclosure, I probably won't have finished all the books by the time December 25 rolls around. I'm in the middle of Anne's House of Dreams now, and haven't bought Anne of Windy Poplars or Anne of Ingleside, aka the ones that aren't in the public domain, yet. I'll have definitely finished House of Dreams by the time stories are revealed. (AND YET. I Love These Books. So. Much.)

So what I'd really love is a missing scene from one of the books I've read. There are so many of them! Or Anne of Green Gables IN SPAAAAACE, with which I would be thrilled, because how awesome would that be? How much trickier is sending back your orphan girl when you have to navigate the vagaries of sublight travel over long distances? Holiday stories? Love 'em. Character studies? Adore 'em. Shenanigans? YES PLEASE. Anne-getting-into-scrapes is one of my favorite things about the books. Want to use this yuletide as an opportunity to explore your feels about Canadian history? I WOULD LOVE THAT.

(Historical fiction makes me happy.)

I love all the characters and now nuanced the story is and the slow, gentle coming of age story-ness, and how Anne never loses her Anne-ness as she grows up, how her character is so very grounded in her sense of *self* even when her path changes. I love Anne alone; I love the depth and intensity of all her friendships, and after chewing my fingernails to the quick during Anne of the Island I love Anne/Gilbert (though the first ship I glommed onto was Anne/Diana, ngl). I also love her child-and-adult relationships with Marilla and Matthew and the other grownups in Avonlea, whose friendship she grows into, and how she treats people like they're people, and like they have value, even if/when she ultimately doesn't like them. I have loads of feelings on the theology, but it's not my favorite part.

As with all things in the optional details, canonical voice/style is totally optional, but that goes double if you DO decide to go for "IN SPAAAACE".

The Green Hornet (TV)

Where to get it: Torrent, Youtube*

*Unfortunately, the 1966-1967 tv show doesn't have an official release - your choices for getting ahold of it are torrents, youtube, bootleg copies on amazon marketplace and ebay, and luck with your local TV stations airing it at 3:00AM. :( The rights situation is all tangled up and sad.

Why I love it: It's so ... 1960s, cheesy, day-for-night-filtery, and completely ridiculous and yet under it all is a really solid little procedural drama. Also: BRUCE LEE. ♥

Characters: Britt Reid (TV), Lenore Case (TV), Kato (TV)
Character selections: At least 2 out of 3 please

Optional Details: Casefic or missing scenes come first to my mind as "YES. WANT!" I love the team dynamic, and how no, Britt couldn't do a damn thing without Kato and Casey at his side -- or at least, he'd be a sight less good at it. I'd love something that incorporates setting-as-character; Detroit in he 60s is fascinating, and I'm a huge fan of historical fiction. Backstory is fantastic, too -- by the time we get to the series, the team works like a well-oiled machine. What about how/when Britt and Kato first started working together fighting crime? What about how/when Casey first got on the phone tree?

I'm not overly fond of the 2011 film, in large part because it's so wildly different from the '66 series, so please no 1966/2011 fusions.


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