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Draft #1 of The Bounty of Our Victory (Creatures in Human Figure 1x01) is DONE at 12,081 words.

Now to EDIT THE MOTHERFUCKER and decide if I want to post serially or all at once.

Serially, I think.
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So there's yet another AU I'm not writing, approximately one one hundredth of what the story would actually need.

Point of divergence: Ichabod keeps his mouth shut while delivering the Declaration of Resolves; Abraham never becomes the Horseman of Death, and the Continentals win in much the same manner they do in the demon-free universe we live in.


Oh yeah, I'm definitely deep in fannish love right now.

Yesterday I posted Furnace (Ichabod/Katrina, huddling together for warmth) and this morning I postd You Don't Bring A Demon To A Snowball Fight (Abbie/Ichabod, exactly what it says on the tin, + copious UST).

This despite being floored with a migraine for most of the day.
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[Gif credit | originally here]

So here’s a thing: Dad Mills was almost definitely a flooring installer.

My dad has been laying floors for 40 years this year; I grew up being hauled around between shop and warehouse and job in the summer, because I could entertain myself and my parents didn’t trust childcare. When I was eight, I got sat down with a hand-stapler and a roll of carpet binding and the remants my dad had cut down to welcome-mat size, and he and mom and I made welcome mats that we sold on the side of the road. (And God, I haven’t thought about that in nineteen years.)

There’s two kinds of kids who show up at carpet stores: the children of people who are having their houses done, and the children of people who are doing the installation. And the “used to take” implies that it was a repeated visit (like when you go down to hound the owner for your check; god, how many times I sat in the car while Dad wheedled and cajoled and got paid less than his work was worth), that repetitiveness implies that someone in her family — someone charged with either worked in the store itself (sales, reception, receiving), or acted as labor for the store.

And I’ll tell you something about the carpet industry: it’s feast or famine. Some months Dad worked 12-16 hour days seven days a week, and some months he didn’t work at all. You pay your help before you feed your family. Supplies come out of your check, and 90% of the time the boss doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing and doesn’t pay you like he should and has a power complex the likes of which I’ve never seen in my life.

(My experience is Southern California and Nevada - Mom and I are white girls, but Dad’s Mexican-American with an East L.A. accent so thick you can slice it, and he’s brown. He’s also a fucking craftsman - his work is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, his seams are invisible even with patterned carpet, and I’ve literally watched him bend the laws of physics filling a room with carpet that is smaller than the room. For the last 20 years, since the family lost the store we owned and he started working for other people, I’ve watched boss after boss defer to his dumbass [white] helpers, speak to him insultingly slowly despite his English being flawless due to being a native speaker. I’ve watched my uncle - his brother, same parents, but Joe caught the white genes and Dan caught the brown ones - climb and climb and climb and make more money and receive more respect than Dad ever did, in large part because this trade is racist as fuck.)

It is not a fun trade or a stable trade in general but it is an especially non-awesome trade to be a minority in.

And just. So much sympathy for the Mills sisters because I would never wish growing up with parents in the flooring business on anyone.

(Incidentally climbing on top of the rolls of carpet all stacked up like a giant pyramidal mountain is the best thing in the universe when you’re 8 and full of imagination and daring-do.)

[Permission given to link this particular post.]
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Furnace (618 words) by boosette
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ichabod Crane/Katrina Crane
Characters: Ichabod Crane (TV), Katrina Crane
Additional Tags: Huddling For Warmth, Historical, Community: trope_bingo, yeah okay it might be valentines fic, newlyweds, Fluff, But fairly historically accurate, Canon fodder - Freeform, Probably not 100 percent canon Compliant

Throughout the winter and early spring, men were frequently "on command," leaving camp on a variety of assignments. Units were formed to forage for food, some were granted furloughs, and individuals regularly returned to their home states to recruit new troops. In January Jeremiah Greenman reported, "all ye spayr officers sent home to recruit another regiment & sum on furlow." [source]

The Cranes make the best of February, 1778.

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this morning's tabs:

Wikipedia: Casimir Pulaski
Wikipedia: Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
Revolutionary War Timeline
How To Make A Timeline In Excel
Declaration of Resolves
The Gaspee Affair
The Intolerable Acts
James Madison & the Classical Tradition in the Federalist Papers

All this because no one will tell me straight-out how junior officers were quartered at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. Does anybody here happen to know off the top of their heads?


ETA: Throughout the winter and early spring, men were frequently "on command," leaving camp on a variety of assignments. Units were formed to forage for food, some were granted furloughs, and individuals regularly returned to their home states to recruit new troops. In January Jeremiah Greenman reported, "all ye spayr officers sent home to recruit another regiment & sum on furlow."

I also my shipswap writer a letter - DO NOT WORRY WRITER I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU.
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Apprentice (6032 words) by boosette
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: No Romantic Relationship(s)
Characters: Katrina Crane, Baltus Van Tassel, Abraham Van Brunt, Original Characters
Additional Tags: POV Female Character, Female Friendship, Magic, Pre-Canon, Backstory, Canon Compliant

Katrina Van Tassel, aged twelve years, two months, could have said with some degree of certainty that she had never once laid eyes upon, spoken to, or otherwise made the acquaintance of a witch.

Then everything changed.

For [ profile] kita0610 on the occasion of her 45th Birthday.

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"Katrina Gets A Witchy Mentor" aka "Apprentice" FINISHED at ~5,600w.

Possibly I had a great deal of fun with a few characters from the Washington Irving short story, as well. (And on that note my asshole car which is perpetually petulant and starts when it wants to has been rechristened "Gunpowder", because it amuses the fuck out of me.)

(Illness and travel - recap later today - meant several days without writing, and fgasfsdf I am so pleased to be back in the groove.)

I also need to post my Sleepy Hollow playlist because I think it's excellent.
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I think it really speaks to my background that the one thing I'm having trouble willingly suspending disbelief over here is -- it's not the magical naps or the literal headless hroseman or George "Zombie" Washington: Demon Hunter or everyone in Sleepy Hollow being in love with Abbie Mills.

It's the idea that the Christian God is real and active in doing stuff and one of the good guys.


Rest in Peace, the final dregs of [ profile] boosette's faith and [ profile] boosette's doubt, because they've gone home to roost.

Ordered two books last night for to write my Ichabod/Katrina huddling-together-for-warmth trope bingo square. The last 3(?) polar vortices have reminded me that I went through a phase where I read everything I could about the Continental encampment at Valley Forge in 1777/1778 back in elementary school, and another one is apparently coming on.

Spring needs to happen so I can retrieve the bookcase [ profile] taraljc wants to send home with me from her utility room, and then sand and paint it, and then put it in my house.
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I am sick with cold. I'm staying home from work today and hoping that the first day's enforced rest gives me a head-start killing these germs dead.

I was flinchwatching all the way through Indispensable Man, and only the high-pitched sound of [ profile] kita0610 kept me from spending Bad Blood with a pillow over my face.

The short answer is: I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH YOU GUYS.

The other short answer is: When did I stop being utterly crushed by season finale cliffhangers?

Mostly i'm going to talk about how much I adore THIS SHOW and also ABBIE BADASS MOTHERFUCKER MILLS.

spoilers )

(Apologies if you see this twice on the tumblr.
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Those interested in more extensive bibliographies or in sources for a particular lineage entry may write to the U.S. Army Center of Military History, ATTN: DAMH-HSO, Washington, D.C. 20314 for additional information. [NOTE: Bibliographic information is now available in expanded form on this Internet site instead of by writing.]

Forward to The Continental Army by Robert K Wright.

(Back in 1975 the US Army decided to write a short organizational history of the the regiments of the Continental Army for the US bicentennial - it then proceeded to do that thing so many fic authors are familiar with and expand beyond the original projected scope, becoming the book linked above.

They still did the organizational history (lineage) of each regiment, but up until the internet, these and the full bibliography were only available through postal mail.)


(Also the more I look the more convinced I become that the regiment Ichabod cites as his in 01.04 never actually existed, which shouldn't bother me as much as it does.)

Sleepy Hollow Word Count: 8300 (~1800 in 2014)
Books ordered: 2
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New friends! Hello! I promise to get you all added back before EOD today!

I've missed writing lots, and oh hey look, a new fandom.

The Hercules Club (1823 words) by boosette
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Frank Irving & Macey Irving
Characters: Frank Irving, Macey Irving
Additional Tags: Family, Father-Daughter Relationship, Movie Night, New Year's Eve

Alternate title: All Through the Long Shark Night.

Macey Irving spends New Year's Eve with her dad, and gets on the phone tree. (Sortof.)

* I forget how much work takes out of me ... like, the punch in the face that all of the socialization and being in Not My Space feels like. (I've decided I'm going in tomorrow, which likely means being out the door by 8:00AM to arrive at work by 10:00, if the snow keeps doing what it's doing.)

* I'm still not finished with Red Seas Under Red Skies, although I've hit the last big stretch of action. I don't trust Scott Lynch to not hurt my soul, but I do want to finish today. I'm expecting Colonial New England on 5 Shillings a Day in the mail at work this week, and I have Republic of Thieves on my kindle.

* I got to redirect to my tumblr (

* I have foods - roasted chicken and the stuff for lettuce wraps - from the store, while Winter Storm Ion continues to pummel Chicago. Seriously. The thin twiggy branches outside my window have 4" of snow on them, and the wee snowmen I made on my window ledge outside have all been covered in new powder.

* I found a pair of earbuds for $6 that don't hurt my ears and have good sound quality:

NYE 3-fer!

Dec. 31st, 2013 11:40 am
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I'm spending the evening at chez LJC, doing laundry, watching silly movies, and kicking 2013's ass out the door as it finally passes us by. What do y'all have up your sleeves for tonight?

I'm also futzing around with my tumblr, and trying to find people in Sleepy Hollow fandom over there who are amenable to not hating on either Abbie or Katrina. Like, seriously, there is so much "ONE OR THE OTHER BUT NEVER BOTH" going on that I am possibly shipping them together in retaliation right now.

(I mean seriously, who doesn't want the fic where it's Kat who winds up in the cave and Ichabod in limbo GUESS WHAT I MIGHT BE DOING OVER HIATUS I mean. My name is Boo and I've been ATTACKED BY A FANDOM and where the fuck is my copy of Revolutionary Mothers?).

That said, is there anyone who wants to beta-read ~1k of Macey & Frank Irving having a NYE in to poke me if I did something stupid on race front or the disability front or the this is not how new yorkers talk front?

Still eagerly awaiting the heretofore nonforthcoming yuletide friending meme. Journalspace CPR in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


Dec. 15th - Did you see Sharknado? If so, thoughts, if not, why not? (kita0610)

I DID, and it was VERY SILLY and the sharks were DISAPPOINTINGLY NOT THE HEROES. It also contained entirely too many sharks being maimed or otherwise damaged.

THE SCIENCE WAS SOUND omg Kita this movie was so terrible that my [ profile] taraljc and I had to fast forward through almost half of it, including the part where the heroes saved a busful of doomed children from flying sharks. THIS FILM IS NOT GOOD. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW IT GOT A THEATRICAL RELEASE. OR HOW IT HAS 3 STARS ON NETFLIX.

Okay, I do, and it's because it's so motherfucking bad it's really, really entertaining. Also the boys at my work could do better 3D modeling, and we make cheesy corporate videos for a living.

December 19th - if you could wipe one book, one song and one movie from existence, what would they be? (denorios)

This one is both really easy and really hard - because Song and Movie are SO OBVIOUS and Book is giving me so much trouble.

Movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness Venereal Disease. Because of every second of the movie and how utterly horrible it is and also the part where the motherfuckers killed Pike. Like. This movie is right up there with The Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum for here is my fandom kill-switch, and that switch is in fact uselessly killing my favorite character for no reason at all. The reason I choose STXII and not Bourne is that I was 9,000 times more emotionally invested in Trek.

Song: Moves Like Jagger, for being the most annoying song of the century and also the worst earworm I have had the displeasure of encountering in my life.

I have not actually noped out of a book so hard that I would want to strike it from the universe, although I would certainly not turn down the chance to infiltrate the First Council of Nicea and do some selective re-arranging of the text that ultimately made its way into the canonical Christian Bible - I think that's the place that would do the most good

Oregano, Dec 27th. (rubynye)

THE STORY WITH FOOD AS LUBE. My god, I miss cooking so much and I miss having time and space in which to cook and I really miss being creative with food instead of this adulty thing where I eat a whole lot of frozen veg and raw veg and store-bought roasted chickens. CURSE YOU, TINY APARTMENT KITCHEN AND DAY JOB.
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I have missed a lot of days of the talking meme! I also missed my birthday - I am fast approaching Old Fart territory at the ripe and adult age of 27. Last night I had naught but bacon and hot chocolate for dinner, that is how adult I am.

11 December How sharks could improve a fandom of your choice. (rhipowered)

So my current fandom of choice is Sleepy Hollow, and I am having a hard time thinking of how sharks could actually improve it, except, okay. Possibly I now need someone to write me the fic where Macy Irving insists on spending Shark Week 2014 with her dad, ostensibly because he has a bigger TV but in reality because she really enjoys (1) quiet time with her dad and (2) watching Frank squirm through the parts with shark diving and humans being way too close to the sharks for his comfort. (No seriously, gleefully watching one's parents being discomfited is a near universal sport among teenagers, IME.)

(I do not think Sleepy Hollow could be improved by the Dragon of the Watery Abyss being shark-shaped, but that is primarily because they don't have the special effects budget to do it well, and while sharknado was fun I don't actually think we need more sharks made of math in the spirit of sharknado)


Dec. 8th, 2013 08:36 pm
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holiday love meme 2013
my thread here


Also Talk Day, Dec 6/7:

All of the second episode. But two specific things.

Favorite Ichabod Crane vs the 21st Century Moment:

Canon put it best: Doughnut hole tax rage, because it is historically accurate rage, and justifiably so ...

For a person who doesn't know about all the things that the government has taken over, in terms of responsibility and service. We're not just delivering the mail and defending the borders anymore - and considering that I'm a massive infrastructure geek, any shout-out to infrastructure, however wee and tiny, makes me glee.

Also dropping the gun because why would a pistol have more than one shot?

And for all that on the anachronism scale scale of 1 to George Washington: Demon Hunter, we know where this show falls, but they get their bricolage (mostly) right and they get their verisimilitude (mostly) right and they take themselves just seriously enough that we can have willing suspension of disbelief for the George Washington: Demon Hunter parts.

Also all of the tiny little things he approves of, like coffee at the press of a button (and 18th century coffee was inexpertly roasted and NOT GOOD), hair dryers, and doughnut holes make me happy, too.
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Where is my Sleepy Hollow vid?

You’re feeling tired I know three is a crowd
but if I bring her on the ready they’ll be fine for now
Man I can’t help it I’m just always in the middle
leave the bottle in the evening hang with demons on the weekend

After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell should be easy
After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell should be easier

(Gotta, gotta, gotta get out if you wanna get it)

Follow down to the red bouncing ball
as you bounce round the galaxy came back to us all
A little bit of nerve and the outer space
its gotta destroy before it creates

After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell should be easy
After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell will be easier

I’m the golden baby boy into the center
Mother was a gun and I put nature to the beggars
Always talking but the kids never listen
They die in the eve and become demons for the weekend

After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell should be easy
After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell will be easier

Tides that take the sand

az lyrics


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