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Even thinking about pulled them INCREASE ANXIETY lever -- why do we even HAVE that lever? -- up to Max.

It is a sign that I am healthier in the brain that I am actually wishing I were at geekgirlcon right now, instead of inside my house with netflix.
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Here are pictures of my house:

use the arrow icons on the left and right of each photo to peruse.

Thursday: After work my [ profile] taraljc and I went to World Market and schlepped my new chairs home (I bribed her with barbecue and custody of the remote control), and then sleeping lots.

Friday: Came home to my house to find my upstairs neighbors' 5-day-pay-rent-or-quit-notice mistakenly stuffed under my door, about had a heart attack, and then ate leftovers at my table (I SAT IN A CHAIR) and spent most of the evening reading a trashy romance novel. Then slept lots.

Saturday: Low-key morning, followed by three hours of MOVE THINGS! I collected T., reher old bookshelf, and two giant ikea bags full of books from her house and took them to my house, where she unloaded and I parked. Then returned her to her house. Did I mention there was a spider-friend who got loose in the zipcar? And that I spent ten minutes on the side of the road chasing him down with a mini legal pad to release him into the world?

Afternoon was sorting books and listing saleable ones on amazon and putting away the ones I want to keep for myself, while watching ~6 episodes of the X-Files. Evening there was loads of rain and a shooting in my neighborhood, along with dish-washing and laundry.

Sunday: Folding laundry and matching up socks while watching dinosaur shows on netflix, followed by showering and attempting to dry my hair with the blowdryer with the air conditioner on ... which tripped the circuit breaker, which resulted in an emergency weekend call to maintenance. Then I ran out and met up with [ profile] aj for lunch (FILIPINO FOOD OM NOM NOM) in a park and enjoying the beautiful day and catching up after way too long. Transit there and home (so help me I want the CTA to LOSE MONEY ON ME being signed up for unlimited rides), where electricity had been restored! I (finally) unpacked and shelved one of my 3 giant bins of books, and then took pics and talked to my mom for over an hour (good talk) and am now going to enforce the "no screens after 9:00" rule by lying in bed reading more trashy romance novels.

I'm seriously considering re-approaching the way I handle my personal library, like ... I think I want to focus on building my non-fiction library, while culling my fiction mercilessly? Only keeping books I'm going to reread, or that I can reference, and donating books (either with a legal or quasi-legal e-copy retained) once I've finished them. Because do I REALLY need to have a copy of every book I've ever read or will ever read? Probably not. WILL I read most of my books more than once? Probably not. Is my space in fact limited?


And that was my weekend. Overall good, if a little fraught. Overall restful, despite seeing lots of people and doing lots of things.

And most importantly I am really happy I didn't go to #Dashcon, because apparently it was an unmitigated disaster on all fronts. I watched it go down (in flames) throughout the weekend.


Jul. 5th, 2014 06:45 pm
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Thanks to google translate and my (admittedly faulty) memory of [ profile] pico_the_great's mom's recipe, I now have sour cherry soup for the office soup-and-salad-off tuesday-after-next. I'll stash it in the freezer, pull it out to fridge-thaw next Sunday morning and offer sour cream as a mix-in. Hooooopefully my coworkers will enjoy? (I ended up adding too much sugar and balancing it with the juice of three whole very juicy lemons. Verdict: Nummy!)

I'm bringing the tuna-lentil salad I posted the other day, which has the added bonus of I like it lots and won't mind leftovers if my coworkers like it less than I do.

I'm also giving a rewatch of the complete series of The X-Files another go, because I want to have something that's fairly brainless and long to fall back on, mostly on worknights when I don't have a lot of brain. (The problem is that this show does not take place in the real world, but rather in a different one very similar to our own, that does have alien abductions and shadow-agency coverups. And you have to accept that as its central conceit to enjoy, at the very least, the mytharc. That's ... gotten harder for me as I've gotten older and grown to love science more than I did.)

This weekend has been highly relaxing -- Wednesday I didn't leave my house or interact with any humans; Thursday I went to Ikea with [ profile] taraljc and came away with a a Kallax 2x2 unit and curtains; yesterday I went to World Market for two chairs that match the table I got last year, and visited Tara at her house.

And today was catsitting, some light grocery shopping, soup and (most importantly!) The Two Towers with [ profile] q_sama. (First time I've seen it all the way through!
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I will get back into the office with books waiting for me on Tuesday, which will make desnowing my car after 3 days of Chicago happening to it in my absence so much more acceptable a state of being.

T MINUS 60 HOURS UNTIL I WILL BE HUGGIN' A [ profile] q_sama.


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