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I'm craving some feedback and want to maybe dive/back into another/new fandom and I think the best way to do that is to target/consume fandoms that I know have a population of more than...5.

(I think it might be Dragon Age? But I've got 3 games to play through before I'll feel comfy writing things.)
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Tonight: half-watching "Ken Burns': The West" and reading galaxy rangers fanfiction. Oh yes.

Yes indeed.


Jul. 5th, 2014 06:45 pm
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Thanks to google translate and my (admittedly faulty) memory of [ profile] pico_the_great's mom's recipe, I now have sour cherry soup for the office soup-and-salad-off tuesday-after-next. I'll stash it in the freezer, pull it out to fridge-thaw next Sunday morning and offer sour cream as a mix-in. Hooooopefully my coworkers will enjoy? (I ended up adding too much sugar and balancing it with the juice of three whole very juicy lemons. Verdict: Nummy!)

I'm bringing the tuna-lentil salad I posted the other day, which has the added bonus of I like it lots and won't mind leftovers if my coworkers like it less than I do.

I'm also giving a rewatch of the complete series of The X-Files another go, because I want to have something that's fairly brainless and long to fall back on, mostly on worknights when I don't have a lot of brain. (The problem is that this show does not take place in the real world, but rather in a different one very similar to our own, that does have alien abductions and shadow-agency coverups. And you have to accept that as its central conceit to enjoy, at the very least, the mytharc. That's ... gotten harder for me as I've gotten older and grown to love science more than I did.)

This weekend has been highly relaxing -- Wednesday I didn't leave my house or interact with any humans; Thursday I went to Ikea with [ profile] taraljc and came away with a a Kallax 2x2 unit and curtains; yesterday I went to World Market for two chairs that match the table I got last year, and visited Tara at her house.

And today was catsitting, some light grocery shopping, soup and (most importantly!) The Two Towers with [ profile] q_sama. (First time I've seen it all the way through!
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I'm picking my way slowly through Abhorsen with the kind of savor I didn't the first time around, when it was a mad rush straight to the end to see that everything ended in not-catastrophe, and these books are really where my brain is. (I wish there was more of a fandom; I've almost definitely decided I'm going to do the Restoration fic, but I haven't decided whether I'm going to withhold it for an appropriate yuletide request or hope the fandom grows a fandom after Clariel this September.)

And like ... I've been thinking about Sabriel and Ellimere (I) and Sulyn while they're At School, and there's a part of me that's very attached to the idea that those three were the ones who Never Went Home. Sabriel because Terciel is off keeping the dead down; Ellimere because she has stepfamily whom she doesn't get along with and who don't get along with her. Sulyn because of complicated arrangements with dead family, trusts, and not having a lot waiting for her the building she lists as her home address.

And so that first round of school holidays when almost everyone at Wyverly goes home and whatnot, they're the only girls there between the ages of 6 and 8, and they bond. And while they don't up to a lot of mischief, no one is surprised when they're involved in mischief, and also when the mischief they do get up to is not technically against any rules. Those three are highhandedly responsible for the addition of no fewer than 12 new pages to the school code.

(Three grades under Princess Ellimere, there's another girl who shares her name, and they're not as close as the might have been if they had shared a grade, but they become so thirty years after Kerrigor, when Ellie takes over diplomatic relations with Ancelstierre from her mother and circumstance throws them into regular proximity with one another.)
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So the thing with these books and reading them after a five-and-a-half-year-break is that I find myself adoring characters I didn't even like the first time around, and having a whole lot more sympathy for everyone, not just our primary narrators.


oh look it is a ficlet )
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Two (three) things caught me off-guard

I had forgotten what it was like to be part of a fandom that's all or mostly joy, rather one that's filled with vitriol.

Why is the fandom for this series not larger/extant? Like ... I've looked for boards, comms, on goodreads, on ... and I'm coming up completely blank, save for a few casual unconnected fans on tumblr and likewise on deviantart and a handful of fics every yuletide. Where is it?

I desperately want to be the person who writes the 75,000-120,000 words of story between Sabriel and Lirael.
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So there's yet another AU I'm not writing, approximately one one hundredth of what the story would actually need.

Point of divergence: Ichabod keeps his mouth shut while delivering the Declaration of Resolves; Abraham never becomes the Horseman of Death, and the Continentals win in much the same manner they do in the demon-free universe we live in.


Oh yeah, I'm definitely deep in fannish love right now.

Yesterday I posted Furnace (Ichabod/Katrina, huddling together for warmth) and this morning I postd You Don't Bring A Demon To A Snowball Fight (Abbie/Ichabod, exactly what it says on the tin, + copious UST).

This despite being floored with a migraine for most of the day.
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[Gif credit | originally here]

So here’s a thing: Dad Mills was almost definitely a flooring installer.

My dad has been laying floors for 40 years this year; I grew up being hauled around between shop and warehouse and job in the summer, because I could entertain myself and my parents didn’t trust childcare. When I was eight, I got sat down with a hand-stapler and a roll of carpet binding and the remants my dad had cut down to welcome-mat size, and he and mom and I made welcome mats that we sold on the side of the road. (And God, I haven’t thought about that in nineteen years.)

There’s two kinds of kids who show up at carpet stores: the children of people who are having their houses done, and the children of people who are doing the installation. And the “used to take” implies that it was a repeated visit (like when you go down to hound the owner for your check; god, how many times I sat in the car while Dad wheedled and cajoled and got paid less than his work was worth), that repetitiveness implies that someone in her family — someone charged with either worked in the store itself (sales, reception, receiving), or acted as labor for the store.

And I’ll tell you something about the carpet industry: it’s feast or famine. Some months Dad worked 12-16 hour days seven days a week, and some months he didn’t work at all. You pay your help before you feed your family. Supplies come out of your check, and 90% of the time the boss doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing and doesn’t pay you like he should and has a power complex the likes of which I’ve never seen in my life.

(My experience is Southern California and Nevada - Mom and I are white girls, but Dad’s Mexican-American with an East L.A. accent so thick you can slice it, and he’s brown. He’s also a fucking craftsman - his work is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, his seams are invisible even with patterned carpet, and I’ve literally watched him bend the laws of physics filling a room with carpet that is smaller than the room. For the last 20 years, since the family lost the store we owned and he started working for other people, I’ve watched boss after boss defer to his dumbass [white] helpers, speak to him insultingly slowly despite his English being flawless due to being a native speaker. I’ve watched my uncle - his brother, same parents, but Joe caught the white genes and Dan caught the brown ones - climb and climb and climb and make more money and receive more respect than Dad ever did, in large part because this trade is racist as fuck.)

It is not a fun trade or a stable trade in general but it is an especially non-awesome trade to be a minority in.

And just. So much sympathy for the Mills sisters because I would never wish growing up with parents in the flooring business on anyone.

(Incidentally climbing on top of the rolls of carpet all stacked up like a giant pyramidal mountain is the best thing in the universe when you’re 8 and full of imagination and daring-do.)

[Permission given to link this particular post.]
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"Katrina Gets A Witchy Mentor" aka "Apprentice" FINISHED at ~5,600w.

Possibly I had a great deal of fun with a few characters from the Washington Irving short story, as well. (And on that note my asshole car which is perpetually petulant and starts when it wants to has been rechristened "Gunpowder", because it amuses the fuck out of me.)

(Illness and travel - recap later today - meant several days without writing, and fgasfsdf I am so pleased to be back in the groove.)

I also need to post my Sleepy Hollow playlist because I think it's excellent.
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journalspace post --> tumblr post
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I feel like I ought to have a Gentleman Bastard icon, except I'll likely grab the

And started Republic of Thieves immediately afterward. It's so strange - RS was published right as I was going off to college, and I really regret not having read it at that point in my life, and in the same breath I'm really grateful to have read it at this point in my life.

Winter in Chicago has been bitterly cold this year, and spending some time in the tropics of Locke's world inside my own head has been a godsend. (GB was one of my fandom requests for yuletide this year; I'd intended to be finished with all 3 books by the 21st, but that didn't happen due to my own writing for the exchange and the flinchreading I began doing basically as soon as we wrapped up the last interlude.)

Scott Lynch has the dubious honor of being the only writer to have killed off my favorite characters and kept me as a reader. What that means is ...

Spoilers for a 6 year old book )

TL;DR The Gentleman Bastard series is a great big lump of competence porn, you should read it if you haven't already.
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I also signed up for trope bingo

Read more... )
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Yuletide Friending Meme | My Thread

It's back to work today, assuming it hasn't been cancelled. Am checking the emails now to make sure.

I also have the "Praise the Lord" themesong stuck in my head, which was an earworm when I was five and is an earworm now.

Nope, work in on despite blizzard - I'm going to start out now and maybe try and leave early today.

AND it's [profile] fandom_snowflake time! this is PLEASING to my FACE and I'm going to try and do exciting things with it this next two weeks!
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my thread here

There's an end of the year anon feedback meme going around. I'm not up for it right now - signing up would be pretty much self-flagellating (Oh hey, look, I recognized a thing I shouldn't do and then didn't do the thing!)

BUT, I thought this might be the kind of thing some folks on my lists are interested in participating in so I'm just gonna leave this here.
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It is like being handed a whole pie these days, finding a conversation wandering around on a journal platform.

I may have to go on a friending-spree. SLEEPY HOLLOW FANDOM YOU ARE NOT DISAPPOINTING TO ME.


Here, have a meme:

Pick a day and a topic, and I'll write about that topic for a while. Dunno how long, or in what depth, but I will write some words about the thing.

06 December - What's your favorite 'Ichabod VS the 21st Century' moment? (mandipoor_rose)
07 December
08 December
09 December
10 December
11 December How sharks could improve a fandom of your choice. (rhipowered)
12 December
13 December
14 December
15 December Did you see Sharknado? If so, thoughts, if not, why not? (kita0610)
16 December
17 December
18 December
19 December if you could wipe one book, one song and one movie from existence, what would they be? (denorios)
20 December
21 December
22 December
23 December
24 December
25 December
26 December
27 December Oregano (browngirl)
28 December
29 December
30 December
31 December
01 January
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* I miss my icons, but not enough to acquire paid time on LJ.

* The past couple of days have been unseasonably warm; this is due to We Are Expecting Thunderstorms Today/Tomorrow/This Weekend.

* Still playing Kingdom of Loathing; still enjoying it A LOT. (I'm actually solving the puzzles now instead of just going to the wiki for ~spoilerz).

* Discovered that Coworker TK and Coworker AM's Person both play, so I now feel better about my halloween costume (PASTAMANCER! in legendary regalia + mr. shirt because you are not allowed to not have torso awaregness when you are at work.). (My veeery first character was a pastamancer, although since 2003 I have played a seal clubber and a disco bandit.)

* Yuletide remains upon us; I remain filled with fannish joy.

* Agents of SHIELD is making me actively angry with how flat-out bad it is, so I'm not watching it anymore. (Okay, it is really hard to cut a show a break when you flat-out hate its two leads, so the easiest way to not get upset about the thing is to not watch it.)

spoilers probably )

So. Those are my feels.
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Can you think of cultures that don't have a thin, crisp or chewy flatbread that is topped or filled with a moist or juicy, protein-rich topping?

Or cultures that do have ready access to grain/grain farming/domestication but don't have some kind of dumpling?

And in my secondary universe, the question of: have they invented the sandwich as a named thing yet? What do the utensils look like? Has someone looked at their cheese room and decided that cheddaring is a thing they can do, or been hungry enough to eat the (unexpectedly delicious) moldy thing even though all their instincts are shouting POISOOOOON?

(Speaking of: my local grocery has seven year old white cheddar that I want to taste, as well as wedges of double cream brie that I really want to turn into a sandwich with pears, arugula, good mustard, and fresh crusty bread.)

The other thing I've wanted to try is Barbecue pulled jackfruit, which I need to test-drive before our next work pot-luck (We have critical mass of vegetarians, vegans, and people who look askance at pork for this to work). I'm also thinking of bringing in a package of beef bacon (certified kosher, even!) to try around, because I've read good things and they sell it at my grocery, but I don't really want to try it on my own and then not like it and then have 4/5 of a package of beef bacon I don't like mouldering in my fridge.

Need to get rid of the storage unit. Haven't touched it since I moved; not looking forward to the task. Renewed my lease last month. Still haven't adopted a cat/kittens.

So far the longest my house has stayed maintained-clean is 4 days; I'm about 60 minutes away from full clean right now, so we'll try again next week. Flat surfaces continue to be my bane.

Work is work; I don't remember whether I'd been deputized 2IC of our AV department, but since I'm not allowed to leave the building I kindof had that happen. (we're running up onto a busy season, and I may find myself working a longer week than the 35ish I'm used to.

I continue to noodle around with cultivating more fannish activity, either by extending feelers toward the Right People forum or out into wherever it is that people are being active on LJ.


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