NYE 3-fer!

Dec. 31st, 2013 11:40 am
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I'm spending the evening at chez LJC, doing laundry, watching silly movies, and kicking 2013's ass out the door as it finally passes us by. What do y'all have up your sleeves for tonight?

I'm also futzing around with my tumblr, and trying to find people in Sleepy Hollow fandom over there who are amenable to not hating on either Abbie or Katrina. Like, seriously, there is so much "ONE OR THE OTHER BUT NEVER BOTH" going on that I am possibly shipping them together in retaliation right now.

(I mean seriously, who doesn't want the fic where it's Kat who winds up in the cave and Ichabod in limbo GUESS WHAT I MIGHT BE DOING OVER HIATUS I mean. My name is Boo and I've been ATTACKED BY A FANDOM and where the fuck is my copy of Revolutionary Mothers?).

That said, is there anyone who wants to beta-read ~1k of Macey & Frank Irving having a NYE in to poke me if I did something stupid on race front or the disability front or the this is not how new yorkers talk front?

Still eagerly awaiting the heretofore nonforthcoming yuletide friending meme. Journalspace CPR in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


Dec. 15th - Did you see Sharknado? If so, thoughts, if not, why not? (kita0610)

I DID, and it was VERY SILLY and the sharks were DISAPPOINTINGLY NOT THE HEROES. It also contained entirely too many sharks being maimed or otherwise damaged.

THE SCIENCE WAS SOUND omg Kita this movie was so terrible that my [livejournal.com profile] taraljc and I had to fast forward through almost half of it, including the part where the heroes saved a busful of doomed children from flying sharks. THIS FILM IS NOT GOOD. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW IT GOT A THEATRICAL RELEASE. OR HOW IT HAS 3 STARS ON NETFLIX.

Okay, I do, and it's because it's so motherfucking bad it's really, really entertaining. Also the boys at my work could do better 3D modeling, and we make cheesy corporate videos for a living.

December 19th - if you could wipe one book, one song and one movie from existence, what would they be? (denorios)

This one is both really easy and really hard - because Song and Movie are SO OBVIOUS and Book is giving me so much trouble.

Movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness Venereal Disease. Because of every second of the movie and how utterly horrible it is and also the part where the motherfuckers killed Pike. Like. This movie is right up there with The Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum for here is my fandom kill-switch, and that switch is in fact uselessly killing my favorite character for no reason at all. The reason I choose STXII and not Bourne is that I was 9,000 times more emotionally invested in Trek.

Song: Moves Like Jagger, for being the most annoying song of the century and also the worst earworm I have had the displeasure of encountering in my life.

I have not actually noped out of a book so hard that I would want to strike it from the universe, although I would certainly not turn down the chance to infiltrate the First Council of Nicea and do some selective re-arranging of the text that ultimately made its way into the canonical Christian Bible - I think that's the place that would do the most good

Oregano, Dec 27th. (rubynye)

THE STORY WITH FOOD AS LUBE. My god, I miss cooking so much and I miss having time and space in which to cook and I really miss being creative with food instead of this adulty thing where I eat a whole lot of frozen veg and raw veg and store-bought roasted chickens. CURSE YOU, TINY APARTMENT KITCHEN AND DAY JOB.


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