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Work is eating about 95% of my social energy right now (not in a BAD way, but definitely in a STRESSFUL way), so I'm having trouble interacting with my friends in a timely manner.

(I have 4 job titles at work; two are new, and last weekend was eaten by assisting a fifth department in moving our server up to the new server room on the second floor.)

When I'm low energy I'm primarily on twitter, since the ultra-short-form is low-stress low-commitment for me.

(also surprise!promotion and raise -- these are happies, and while I know that this week would have been just as busy and just as stressful if I HADN'T accepted, there is a lot of correlation feels like causation going on right now.)

And I have to putter around my house for another 45 minutes (I usually leave for work around 8:20) because I need/get to pick up my replacement bank card in person rather than doing the fail dance over trying to get it delivered to the place I live. (This happened 3 years ago when i first opened the account, too.)
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Here are pictures of my house:

use the arrow icons on the left and right of each photo to peruse.

Thursday: After work my [ profile] taraljc and I went to World Market and schlepped my new chairs home (I bribed her with barbecue and custody of the remote control), and then sleeping lots.

Friday: Came home to my house to find my upstairs neighbors' 5-day-pay-rent-or-quit-notice mistakenly stuffed under my door, about had a heart attack, and then ate leftovers at my table (I SAT IN A CHAIR) and spent most of the evening reading a trashy romance novel. Then slept lots.

Saturday: Low-key morning, followed by three hours of MOVE THINGS! I collected T., reher old bookshelf, and two giant ikea bags full of books from her house and took them to my house, where she unloaded and I parked. Then returned her to her house. Did I mention there was a spider-friend who got loose in the zipcar? And that I spent ten minutes on the side of the road chasing him down with a mini legal pad to release him into the world?

Afternoon was sorting books and listing saleable ones on amazon and putting away the ones I want to keep for myself, while watching ~6 episodes of the X-Files. Evening there was loads of rain and a shooting in my neighborhood, along with dish-washing and laundry.

Sunday: Folding laundry and matching up socks while watching dinosaur shows on netflix, followed by showering and attempting to dry my hair with the blowdryer with the air conditioner on ... which tripped the circuit breaker, which resulted in an emergency weekend call to maintenance. Then I ran out and met up with [ profile] aj for lunch (FILIPINO FOOD OM NOM NOM) in a park and enjoying the beautiful day and catching up after way too long. Transit there and home (so help me I want the CTA to LOSE MONEY ON ME being signed up for unlimited rides), where electricity had been restored! I (finally) unpacked and shelved one of my 3 giant bins of books, and then took pics and talked to my mom for over an hour (good talk) and am now going to enforce the "no screens after 9:00" rule by lying in bed reading more trashy romance novels.

I'm seriously considering re-approaching the way I handle my personal library, like ... I think I want to focus on building my non-fiction library, while culling my fiction mercilessly? Only keeping books I'm going to reread, or that I can reference, and donating books (either with a legal or quasi-legal e-copy retained) once I've finished them. Because do I REALLY need to have a copy of every book I've ever read or will ever read? Probably not. WILL I read most of my books more than once? Probably not. Is my space in fact limited?


And that was my weekend. Overall good, if a little fraught. Overall restful, despite seeing lots of people and doing lots of things.

And most importantly I am really happy I didn't go to #Dashcon, because apparently it was an unmitigated disaster on all fronts. I watched it go down (in flames) throughout the weekend.
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This spring and summer (which includes a possible week off over July 4th, or possibly a 5-for-2 long weekend, haven't decided or put in for PTO yet, and I'm ... restless, I guess? About a thousand thousand things, but the one story I was working on most is now at a part where it needs the editing brain, and the writing brain is kindof offline at the moment due to external stimuli. So here's the storylist - hoping I can get some of them in at under 7, and the war rule (And they killed the prince) posted before the season 2 opener.

creatures in human figure - the Ichabod and Katrina swap places AU.

1x01 the bounty of our victory - complete, unedited
(In four parts)
1x02 the blood of the covenant
1x03 the reverend makes a call
1x04 sororitas
1x05 death and the maiden
1x06 the withered fig
1x07 the enemy of my enemy
1x08 against feathers
1x09 asylum
1x10 the four who speak as one
1x11 children's work
1x12 the harrowing of hell
1x13 the war rule

In other news [ profile] taraljc and I are now out of Call the Midwife after a lazy sunday of television watching, noms, and naps. Unfortunately, I have to go rouse herself at 8:30 to catch the 9:07 bus in to work, because my car broke down again, this time in the work parking lot on Saturday.

(Neutral safety has been acting up since they fixed/removed the ignition kill switch "security" device", and I having gone in to work on Saturday for some semi-mandatory weekend work rather than Ikea to get a bed, was not entirely surprised when it wouldn't start. Still, better Evanston next door to my mechanic than Schaumburg, 30 miles away from anything useful to me.) No crying this time, but I did experience a whole fuck of a lot of near slips on the ice that the Northwestern students deigned to not deal with in front of their housing.)

So basically I need to get my supervisor a fruit basket because his bribery-and-guilt cocktail saved me from an undesired panic attack at the ikea.

Need to talk to my parents today and maybe have them help me with costs if they can. Among the other thousand adulting things that have to happen lest I lose my apartment on bad terms and other disasters befall me. (And I'd been so good on Friday and opened a savings account at my bank, too. Cry. Hello, decimation of the savings account! I'm Boo! Pleased to meet you!)

ETA: Less freaking out now; I canceled my amazon prime membership which went through on the 19th, and freed up that $80 I don't really have to spend on prime right now.
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Car is working again for less money than I thought it would cost, but more than I wanted to spend - and I need to actually DO the reimbursement from AAA and also put the monies I have in jars around my house into an actual savings account.

So that said, no more silencer, the car runs now with just a key, and I need to get tires. And a plane ticket to California over thanksgiving. (We'll see what goes on offer when Southwest puts their fares online, which, joy of joys, would mean Midway to Oakland instead of O'Hare to San Francisco, better on all counts.)

Apparently emailing HR about the near-panic attack I had on Thursday + what I'm doing/what I need now/in the future was a good thing and impressed the bosspeople re: communicating things? IDK. BRAINS, MAN.

I keep reminding myself that this is what emergency funds are FOR, and how lucky I am to have had enough savings that I could say, "tow my car to the place" and "fix the problem" and still be able to pay my bills.

Stories in the hopper:

Creatures in Human Figure Part 1/13 (almost done) (oh god the editing this will take)
Ichabod Crane vs the 16th Amendment (taxfic for [personal profile] celli because going on THREE YEARS owing her taxfic now.)
[shipswap, we'll see what assignments bring, but it's going to either be Sleepy Hollow, Tortall, or MCU.]
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So I spent this past weekend (saturday-monday) in Columbus with [ profile] q_sama

Despite averaging maybe 4-6 hours of sleep a night between Friday and Monday, visiting my Lisa is always ridiculously relaxing and nerve-calming: like ... there's an aura or something, of "we can do whatever!" that I enjoy so much, and that I don't always get when I'm visiting other places. (GO THE PLACES, DO THE THINGS) and when I'm hosting, I go into full on "SHOW OFF ALL OF CHICAGO IMMEDIATELY CONVINCE PEOPLE TO MOVE HERE PLAN OUT ALL THE DAYS" mode.

So this is the first time while traveling when I've weighed the pros and cons of bus vs plane travel, and chose plane because the thought of being on a bus overnight was just wearying. (And so there was snow, and my flight was one of only 14 to get out of Midway before 1:00 on Saturday morning ... and it still arrived an hour late.

And we spent literally most of the weekend on the sofa: I got The Hobbit and half of The Desolation of Smaug* and also hooked on K-dramas. (SECRET GARDEN OMG. SOOOOAPS.)

And in return I possibly sat her down and made her watch all of Sleepy Hollow, and which as accurately predicted was awesome and well-received. *buffs nails on shirt*

I maybe spent the flight home writing my shipswap letter, and the trainride from Midway reading SH fic on AO3 on my phone.

Overall most stressful part of the whole trip was dealing with That One Woman in the (late) 155 bus who was absolutely incapable of recognizing the body language of "I do not want to talk to you stop talking stop talking SHUT UP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE."). So I got off a stop early and trekked back to [ profile] taraljc's digs, where all my clean laundry was, and then crashed for many hours.


So that was a thing that happened. Now to get more places for people to sleep in my apartment and lure them to the wilds of Chicagolandia.

*All the movies in the theater went out at the same time, and so we sat around making shadow puppets on the ceiling and snarky comments while they fixed it ... an hour later ... by restarting the movie at the beginning. We (Lisa & Mr Lisa & I) slinked home in defeat, where they gave me a summarized version of the events of the movie which might wind up being better than the actual film.
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I think it really speaks to my background that the one thing I'm having trouble willingly suspending disbelief over here is -- it's not the magical naps or the literal headless hroseman or George "Zombie" Washington: Demon Hunter or everyone in Sleepy Hollow being in love with Abbie Mills.

It's the idea that the Christian God is real and active in doing stuff and one of the good guys.


Rest in Peace, the final dregs of [ profile] boosette's faith and [ profile] boosette's doubt, because they've gone home to roost.

Ordered two books last night for to write my Ichabod/Katrina huddling-together-for-warmth trope bingo square. The last 3(?) polar vortices have reminded me that I went through a phase where I read everything I could about the Continental encampment at Valley Forge in 1777/1778 back in elementary school, and another one is apparently coming on.

Spring needs to happen so I can retrieve the bookcase [ profile] taraljc wants to send home with me from her utility room, and then sand and paint it, and then put it in my house.
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I will get back into the office with books waiting for me on Tuesday, which will make desnowing my car after 3 days of Chicago happening to it in my absence so much more acceptable a state of being.

T MINUS 60 HOURS UNTIL I WILL BE HUGGIN' A [ profile] q_sama.
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NEVER sign up for autopay with ATT on a go phone, because there is literally no way to turn it off. If you report the phone lost or stolen, it can still randomly charge your account for service you are not receiving.

She says, having discovered that ATT is charging her account for a phone she no longer has, or has access to.

Actually, while we're here, how about just NEVER USE ATT IF YOU HAVE THE OPTION.

There goes my Saturday, such as it were.
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Dec 28th - how do you celebrate birthdays? (theeverbright)

I have birthday angst! I have the souped up king of unresolved birthday angst!

So the past 3 birthdays I've celebrated at work - our office buys everyone a cake and lures all the employees to the basement breakroom, and we get wished a noisy happy birthday, and we eat cake.

This is ordinarily followed by curling up under blankets and watching silly movies on my sofa. This year, [ profile] taraljc and I went out for dim sum ... two? three? weeks after my actual birthday, but still solidly inside my birthday MONTH, so I'm calling an "it counts!" because, "it counts!"

Never actually had a birthday party, but I've also never actually enjoyed parties, either, soo ...

NYE 3-fer!

Dec. 31st, 2013 11:40 am
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I'm spending the evening at chez LJC, doing laundry, watching silly movies, and kicking 2013's ass out the door as it finally passes us by. What do y'all have up your sleeves for tonight?

I'm also futzing around with my tumblr, and trying to find people in Sleepy Hollow fandom over there who are amenable to not hating on either Abbie or Katrina. Like, seriously, there is so much "ONE OR THE OTHER BUT NEVER BOTH" going on that I am possibly shipping them together in retaliation right now.

(I mean seriously, who doesn't want the fic where it's Kat who winds up in the cave and Ichabod in limbo GUESS WHAT I MIGHT BE DOING OVER HIATUS I mean. My name is Boo and I've been ATTACKED BY A FANDOM and where the fuck is my copy of Revolutionary Mothers?).

That said, is there anyone who wants to beta-read ~1k of Macey & Frank Irving having a NYE in to poke me if I did something stupid on race front or the disability front or the this is not how new yorkers talk front?

Still eagerly awaiting the heretofore nonforthcoming yuletide friending meme. Journalspace CPR in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


Dec. 15th - Did you see Sharknado? If so, thoughts, if not, why not? (kita0610)

I DID, and it was VERY SILLY and the sharks were DISAPPOINTINGLY NOT THE HEROES. It also contained entirely too many sharks being maimed or otherwise damaged.

THE SCIENCE WAS SOUND omg Kita this movie was so terrible that my [ profile] taraljc and I had to fast forward through almost half of it, including the part where the heroes saved a busful of doomed children from flying sharks. THIS FILM IS NOT GOOD. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW IT GOT A THEATRICAL RELEASE. OR HOW IT HAS 3 STARS ON NETFLIX.

Okay, I do, and it's because it's so motherfucking bad it's really, really entertaining. Also the boys at my work could do better 3D modeling, and we make cheesy corporate videos for a living.

December 19th - if you could wipe one book, one song and one movie from existence, what would they be? (denorios)

This one is both really easy and really hard - because Song and Movie are SO OBVIOUS and Book is giving me so much trouble.

Movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness Venereal Disease. Because of every second of the movie and how utterly horrible it is and also the part where the motherfuckers killed Pike. Like. This movie is right up there with The Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum for here is my fandom kill-switch, and that switch is in fact uselessly killing my favorite character for no reason at all. The reason I choose STXII and not Bourne is that I was 9,000 times more emotionally invested in Trek.

Song: Moves Like Jagger, for being the most annoying song of the century and also the worst earworm I have had the displeasure of encountering in my life.

I have not actually noped out of a book so hard that I would want to strike it from the universe, although I would certainly not turn down the chance to infiltrate the First Council of Nicea and do some selective re-arranging of the text that ultimately made its way into the canonical Christian Bible - I think that's the place that would do the most good

Oregano, Dec 27th. (rubynye)

THE STORY WITH FOOD AS LUBE. My god, I miss cooking so much and I miss having time and space in which to cook and I really miss being creative with food instead of this adulty thing where I eat a whole lot of frozen veg and raw veg and store-bought roasted chickens. CURSE YOU, TINY APARTMENT KITCHEN AND DAY JOB.
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GetYourWordsOut: Year Six!
Pledges & Requirements |

I signed up - I am both excited and terrified.

New Year Resolutions:

Make 2014 a better year than 2013. Finish something, even if it's silly. Maybe get back into therapy for brainly housekeeping?
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Maybe my tea will brew faster if I apply some meme.

Okay really. December 13th: your guilty pleasure fandoms.(rustydragonfly)

Okay so, I try really, really hard to not have guilty pleasures - if something brings me joy and does not directly hurt other people, then I'm not going to be guilty about it. (There's some room there for, "you are allowed to feel how you feel, but it's unreasonable to tell me to stop enjoying what I enjoy because you have baggage to deal with" wrt the "hurting other people" - see also "gripes incessantly about Moffat/Moffat's Doctor Who" as my litmus test for unfollowing people on tumblr.)

When was a kid I absolutely Was Not Allowed to watch or read or otherwise consume media that didn't pass some kind of never-stated, never-explained degree of Christian Wholesomeness. And after a while, it didn't have to be enforced; I'd absorbed it. I enforced it myself. And the things I were guilty about consuming were media that had sex and swearing in them, or things that allowed for a world without Christianity.

I watched Die Hard III for the first time in 1998 or 1999, and I did so in one and two minute chunks - flipping back and forth between it and another channel, terrified that I'd be found out and lectured on how bad movies like that were for me. I watched Enemy of the State one summer when I was at my Nana's, and I remember really distinctly that she told me "That garbage will get into your heart and you'll never be able to get it out again" - "That garbage" being Will Smith saying the word "fuck" a lot while being chased by scary people who wanted to kill him.

And then I discovered Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Universes where there had never been a Christianity were exempt, based on some mental gymnastics on my part.

I first read Dragonflight when I was, what? 16? and struggling with my faith and my politics. Reading in publication order I got to Dragonsdawn inside a couple of months: I struggled a fuck of a lot with the idea that everyone on Pern was an atheist, and that among them were good people and bad people and okay people, and that based on the theology I'd been raised with every single one of them would have gone to hell.

I asked special permission to read Harry Potter after reading articles about how it wasn't about demon worship, and convincing my mom that I was mature enough to put the books down if I felt like my soul was being endangered.

Around the same time, I was interacting with people whose upbringing and political leanings and religions differed from mine on the Dancing Dove for the very! first! time! and struggling a lot with the idea that these people I cared about so much and who accepted me even when I acted like a brat and wanted me to be the best me I could be ... that they were going to hell, by the theology I'd been raised with.

Something had to give -- the thing that gave was belief in hell. And after that cornerstone came out, the rest of my faith fell down around it over the next eight years or so. You can see remnants of it in my Star Trek fanfiction.

TL/DR I spent a lot of time in my childhood and young adulthood feeling ashamed of the things that made me happy, and when I shed the last pin of identification about three years ago (Christian to agnostic), I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't feel guilty about the things that bring me joy. I've done okay so far with keeping that promise, I think.
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It is like being handed a whole pie these days, finding a conversation wandering around on a journal platform.

I may have to go on a friending-spree. SLEEPY HOLLOW FANDOM YOU ARE NOT DISAPPOINTING TO ME.


Here, have a meme:

Pick a day and a topic, and I'll write about that topic for a while. Dunno how long, or in what depth, but I will write some words about the thing.

06 December - What's your favorite 'Ichabod VS the 21st Century' moment? (mandipoor_rose)
07 December
08 December
09 December
10 December
11 December How sharks could improve a fandom of your choice. (rhipowered)
12 December
13 December
14 December
15 December Did you see Sharknado? If so, thoughts, if not, why not? (kita0610)
16 December
17 December
18 December
19 December if you could wipe one book, one song and one movie from existence, what would they be? (denorios)
20 December
21 December
22 December
23 December
24 December
25 December
26 December
27 December Oregano (browngirl)
28 December
29 December
30 December
31 December
01 January
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Talked to my parents, with one new development:

* My dad has a boat now. This means that he will talk my ear off about the boat, devoting only 1/3 of our hour-long conversation to The End Times and Have You Read The Bible and The Antichrist Is Coming and I just.

You know the look that Orlando Jones had on his face in the Sleepy Hollow pilot around the first time Ichabod started talking? That look? The before he was sent to retrieve the head and joined the phone tree look?

That is the look on my face while mm-hmming my way through not talking about how I pretty much consider Christianity basically an abusive ex-boyfriend.

* Parents are well, but still lacking sense.

* Having a full english breakfast with [ profile] taraljc and matzo ball soup for dinner, because we have a million chicken carcasses and boxes of matzo from the great plague months this past spring, and also Thanksgivukkah.
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Are lists an anxiety trigger for anyone else? I find that when I write a list I'm much more likely to wind up watching six episodes of Mythbusters or playing a zillion hours of temple run than I am to actually get anything done.

Not because I don't want to conquer the list, but because once I've laid out my intention I'm overcome with "supposed to" and suddenly can't because what if I fail?

(My solution is that I don't make lists for anything but groceries anymore.)
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I've become that person, who orders in for lunch every day, and then complains about having no money. So I'mna do a thing:

Whenever I head over to grubhub, I'm going to not buy lunch. Instead, I'll walk to walgreens and buys soup/tv dinner/burger/nine sticks of string cheese/whatever, and transfer the difference between that and my usual $12 lunch into paypal (including fees/excluding tip-the-driver) or, when I have one, savings account.

It will be exciting to reclaim that money in the form of (1) kittens or (2) a new phone, when the time comes.

I also had to change brands on my meds, because the previous brand is no longer carried by target? and that means changing from tablet to caplet. So I am now taking 1x at 7:00, 1x at 3:00, and 1x before bed rather than 1x before bed and 2x at 7:00. It will be fun to see how that works out, too.
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Highs for the next 3 days are 68, 67, 72; I've turned off my air conditioner (although it's still occupying the window, and it's less than a month before my building turns the heat on. Honeycrip apples are in all the stores!

I've made my yuletide nominations, and I'm noodling around with ideas for NaNoWriMo. Fall TV is coming back (I don't know what I'm watching.)

I'm so glad that summer is presumably over. I spent some time this year trying to figure out what my threshhold is for comfort in high humidity, and I think it's around 68 for 50-75%, and then below 50 if possible for any higher than that. (We had one morning that was 60 with something like 98% humidity, and walking outside felt like swimming in a warm pool.)

Had a good talk with my mom this past Sunday, and sent out a couple of emails to people I've been out of touch with. Made soup. Soon: Snow (SNOWMEN), thanksgiving break from work, and the vacation I'm taking in December while everyone is out of the office.
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Someday I'm going to write a post about how being medicated has *moved my baseline*, but oh holy fuck, the baseline: it was moved.

Not today.

This post has been brought to you by the week I spent not at my house. Drugs now live in my purse, which I always have with me.
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Can you think of cultures that don't have a thin, crisp or chewy flatbread that is topped or filled with a moist or juicy, protein-rich topping?

Or cultures that do have ready access to grain/grain farming/domestication but don't have some kind of dumpling?

And in my secondary universe, the question of: have they invented the sandwich as a named thing yet? What do the utensils look like? Has someone looked at their cheese room and decided that cheddaring is a thing they can do, or been hungry enough to eat the (unexpectedly delicious) moldy thing even though all their instincts are shouting POISOOOOON?

(Speaking of: my local grocery has seven year old white cheddar that I want to taste, as well as wedges of double cream brie that I really want to turn into a sandwich with pears, arugula, good mustard, and fresh crusty bread.)

The other thing I've wanted to try is Barbecue pulled jackfruit, which I need to test-drive before our next work pot-luck (We have critical mass of vegetarians, vegans, and people who look askance at pork for this to work). I'm also thinking of bringing in a package of beef bacon (certified kosher, even!) to try around, because I've read good things and they sell it at my grocery, but I don't really want to try it on my own and then not like it and then have 4/5 of a package of beef bacon I don't like mouldering in my fridge.

Need to get rid of the storage unit. Haven't touched it since I moved; not looking forward to the task. Renewed my lease last month. Still haven't adopted a cat/kittens.

So far the longest my house has stayed maintained-clean is 4 days; I'm about 60 minutes away from full clean right now, so we'll try again next week. Flat surfaces continue to be my bane.

Work is work; I don't remember whether I'd been deputized 2IC of our AV department, but since I'm not allowed to leave the building I kindof had that happen. (we're running up onto a busy season, and I may find myself working a longer week than the 35ish I'm used to.

I continue to noodle around with cultivating more fannish activity, either by extending feelers toward the Right People forum or out into wherever it is that people are being active on LJ.
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* SO NICE TO HAVE INTERNET THAT WORKS. Can I say that enough? I can't.

* I've slept in til 7:30 every day this week, and this past weekend I didn't leave my bed til 10:00; I remember once upon a time that my normal sleeping hours meant that 10:00 was early for me, but, well: I've been waking for the first time at 6:00 and then going back to sleep.

* I'm thinking that starting Saturday, I'm going to try something new for 30 days and get out of bed at 6:00. Maybe if I am extra ambitious I will go outside and walk around in the world.

(The world: overall, an interesting place; however, it lacks central air condition and heating.)

* I finished The Lies of Locke Lamora about two weeks ago? IT GAVE ME FEELS. spoilers! )

So now I'm about 1/3 into Red Seas Under Red Skies, and rationing it so that it lasts me until the third book comes out in October. IDK if I can make it last another six weeks; I covered the last 300 pages of LLL in three nights of staying up til 1 or 2 in the morning. All on worknights, no less.

* Speaking of work: I have over the course of time passed since the last entry nearly fallen down the spiral staircase at my office, hipchecked a desk hard enough to leave a spectacular bruise, and been bitten by a leaf insect. To whom I am apparently allergic.

* To be fair on the last point above, I was harassing the leaf insect because OMG CAMOUFLAGE. Spectacular, spectacular camouflage.

* Note to self: Buy a micro SD card for your phone, and do the uninstall/reinstall tango with your apps.

* And in closing, Today marks Day 4 of Candice Keeps Her House Tidy.


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