Apr. 22nd, 2014


Apr. 22nd, 2014 07:48 am
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Shows and movies I've watched:

* Futurama: Love

* Bob's Burgers: don't hate, but the voice acting is like nails on a chalkboard. People talk like this? And they BREED? (I have so many issues with Bob and Linda's parenting, also, mostly related to roping their children into the family business at the expense of said children's actual interests.)

* American Dad (bits and pieces) - started watching when it was just on back in Richmond, and occasionally I'll watch an episode or two. No strong feelings.

* Murder Shows! As always per me, I go through a lot of true crime documentaries.

* Zodiac (2007), and watching it I managed to freak myself out.

* Cropsey (2009), likewise with freaking myself out.


* Reread of the Abhorsen series = <3 <3 <3, as mentioned.

* Currently reading Newt's Emerald, also by Nix, and it's very much a regency romance BUT the romance is very much secondary to the adventure plot. Kinda brainless fluff? But I like that in a book sometimes.


As mentioned, I finished Welcome to Night Vale yesterday (including the live recording of "Condos"), and I am like ... mmm, fandom.

I'm also thinking, if I'm going to be writing on my own or for an audience of 1-3 anyway, I may as well just write original fiction again, huh? Because fanfiction was always about the social jolt I got from connecting with other readers and writers about a shared source we were both/all passionate about. And I have no idea where that's gone these days -- journalspace is a ghost town; tumblr values visual media over textual media; where do people even go to talk anymore?

So I bought a license for windows scrivener, & I'm maybe going to brush off The Novel (that is my white whale) and see if I can actually complete a draft. Or something.


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