Mar. 25th, 2014

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So back in february [ profile] taraljc, bearing witness to me freaking out about the ongoing car saga, sneakily passed the fandom hat, and I (1)cried and (2) fell off the face of the internet

I owe my most heartfelt thanks to my [ profile] taraljc, my [ profile] aj, my [ profile] browngirl my [personal profile] celli, and to Elise whom I haven't met -- you are all amazing people and my life is better for having you in it. I never thought that I would stumble into such a glut of quality friendship with real, true, good people or what I did to deserve it.

(Also, crying again.)

The state of the car is in flux: half went to initial repairs, the other half to savings in case of ongoing car problems. My mechanic has no idea what's wrong with it, other than what whatever it is is temperature related/it only starts when it's warm. And presently, it's not warm and not starting in a (thankfully) non-metered spot on Devon and I'm putting out feelers to dealerships for a brand-certified diagnosis.

What very well may happen is the car being scrapped in favor of a bicycle, since it wouldn't add any time to my commute and would add cardio and movement of the body to my life, plus, it's going to be spring soon and I want to spend more time outside during spring. And because of you all this is not a terrifying prospect.


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