Feb. 24th, 2014

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This spring and summer (which includes a possible week off over July 4th, or possibly a 5-for-2 long weekend, haven't decided or put in for PTO yet, and I'm ... restless, I guess? About a thousand thousand things, but the one story I was working on most is now at a part where it needs the editing brain, and the writing brain is kindof offline at the moment due to external stimuli. So here's the storylist - hoping I can get some of them in at under 7, and the war rule (And they killed the prince) posted before the season 2 opener.

creatures in human figure - the Ichabod and Katrina swap places AU.

1x01 the bounty of our victory - complete, unedited
(In four parts)
1x02 the blood of the covenant
1x03 the reverend makes a call
1x04 sororitas
1x05 death and the maiden
1x06 the withered fig
1x07 the enemy of my enemy
1x08 against feathers
1x09 asylum
1x10 the four who speak as one
1x11 children's work
1x12 the harrowing of hell
1x13 the war rule

In other news [livejournal.com profile] taraljc and I are now out of Call the Midwife after a lazy sunday of television watching, noms, and naps. Unfortunately, I have to go rouse herself at 8:30 to catch the 9:07 bus in to work, because my car broke down again, this time in the work parking lot on Saturday.

(Neutral safety has been acting up since they fixed/removed the ignition kill switch "security" device", and I having gone in to work on Saturday for some semi-mandatory weekend work rather than Ikea to get a bed, was not entirely surprised when it wouldn't start. Still, better Evanston next door to my mechanic than Schaumburg, 30 miles away from anything useful to me.) No crying this time, but I did experience a whole fuck of a lot of near slips on the ice that the Northwestern students deigned to not deal with in front of their housing.)

So basically I need to get my supervisor a fruit basket because his bribery-and-guilt cocktail saved me from an undesired panic attack at the ikea.

Need to talk to my parents today and maybe have them help me with costs if they can. Among the other thousand adulting things that have to happen lest I lose my apartment on bad terms and other disasters befall me. (And I'd been so good on Friday and opened a savings account at my bank, too. Cry. Hello, decimation of the savings account! I'm Boo! Pleased to meet you!)

ETA: Less freaking out now; I canceled my amazon prime membership which went through on the 19th, and freed up that $80 I don't really have to spend on prime right now.


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